Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue. Find the perfect Belgian Malinois puppy for sale in California, CA at You should really watch it. This questionnaire will be like a quick interview that will tell us a little about you to help us make the selection process smoother and more accurate between a puppy and its future handler. If puppy is found with a manifested disease within 15 days of delivery or pickup it will be replaced with a new puppy. Desired Color Coat Variations like Red Fawn, Red Mahogany, Black Tips and Full Black Coats are available depending on breeding or importing agenda. If the map above isn’t working for you then there may not be any Belgian Malinois breeders listed on Google maps in California, however, you can also try our Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale Near Me Tool. Screened puppies that are suitable and manageable for household protection and other civilian uses are only made available to the public. Mistake number 1…Acquiring a puppy that is ‘ill bred’. Most breeding dogs used are actual working dogs with proven history and are not kennel/breeding dogs sitting in a cage producing babies. We typically choose those homes because they show commitment in choosing the right breed by investing serious thought and effort into it. And remember to check out our Belgian Malinois puppy buyers guide for lots of useful information. Contact for the availability of trained young puppies 4-15 months and skip the baby stage. Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale in California. Site, We are the ONLY ones who take you from the beginning to the end with our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS and FULL ONBOARDING PROCESS. What will be its role? I have a close friend who has 3 Malinois in Hawaii and swears by them. However, if you have its exercise and mental needs met, that shouldn’t be an issue at all. Los Angeles, CA 90034 Malinois are a healthier breed overall. Did all their research on the breed and were looking for breeders. Pups pictured are the product of fine selection and genetics. All dogs Meet All AKC & International Standards for the Breed, Pedigreed and Registered with. To protect the breed, candidates for each puppy are selected. The main focus is to protect the Belgian Malinois breed by only placing with individuals truly committed to a dog regarded worldwide as the ‘King of All Dog Breeds’. Each puppy placed has a file kept with us for record purposes and to assure the integrity and high reputation always been known for is assured. Der Engle Krieger K-9 is a Belgian Malinois breeder that is developing working Malinois for any application. It was a great dog, but it was not trained for any specific task even though the farm had cattle and sheep. We practice the sport known as French Ring, Schutzhund, and often work for Narcotic Detection, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Applications. Puppies are also available for sale. And the rest, 10%, are between three or four or five. No spam. Additionally the experience they obtained by handling a Malinois directly or working side-by-side with a Malinois dog handler makes this an ideal fit. Families and individuals from. FREE-After Subscribing To Our NewsletterThis program is designed to prepare you to bring a new puppy home... Being on a tight budget can further make it more difficult to give puppy a good life. No shipping. Fully immuned, ready to be walked in public. “Why drive a Cadillac when you can drive a Porsche?” observed one Oxnard officer. And you want to avoid excessively narrowing the gene pool, which is what’s happening right now with stagnant and dead lines imported many years ago….When the breed is hard to find like it is now- what tends to happen is that breeders (Note: we have nothing against other breeders and we respect their work) that have typically never traveled outside their state- resort to inbreeding within their limited stock or with whatever is available from other people they know in the U.S. …and the puppies produced are then sold to other breeders and when they grow they are bred again within that same gene-pool of friends and friends of breeders…That’s NO BUENO MY FRIEND.. Fully dewormed and Immuned. We’ve already mentioned this, but why not check out our essential guide for bringing home a Belgian Malinois puppy? Very good drives. Whether it’s at our home or fostered in another home, they are home raised. Additionally the experience they obtained by handling a Malinois directly or working side-by-side with a Malinois dog handler makes this an ideal fit. Enthusiastic individual or family that has/have grown fanatics of the breed are preferred. As a personal protection dog? Well trained Loves to walk on. It’s body build is smaller than a German Shepherd. The height of males is 26-26 inches and female’s height is 22-24 inches. $440 Delivery San Diego (California). NOTE: A record of each puppy placed is always maintained for quality assurance, tracking purposes and to protect the integrity and high reputation always been known for. No quarantine required. It’s determined whether someone is ready for a Malinois puppy by asking questions that reveal prospective owner’s habits, lifestyle, and past dog experience. Fill out questionnaire. Malinois are rather for the active, outdoorsy, sports oriented family or for active police, veterans, and trainers. 15 day standard health guarantee. (NOTE: If you’re a local dog trainer and would like to be added to our local dog trainer directory, you may contact us here. U.S. West Coast and Vancouver, Canada Obtain Total Security and Peace of Mind With a Belgian Malinois. Most soldiers return home with a fond memory of the breed and decide to acquire one for personal use. Are there any specific rules/regulations that apply in the state of California that you need to consider? And there are a few herbs you can use to remove the toxins safely from the dog’s system afterward. We don’t send our pups east of the Mississippi River. He is the most focused puppy I have ever had. As long as you continue with a healthy holistic lifestyle, no vaccinations will be needed; However, it’s wise to consult with a licensed holistic veterinarian for a more accurate response. I grew up with 2 big Akita females and loved them. Filter. I have known a few belgian families, all of whom swear by the dog and have explained to me they would never own a different dog because their dog does all the above. Only a few backyard breeders returned their calls but sounded ruff which turned them off. The particular type of puppy that you’ll be limited to if you have no prior experience with the Belgian Malinois, will be a ‘civilian tempered’ puppy and will generally serve better for personal therapy / companion and civilian protection purposes. Malinois Puppies for Sale Founded in 1989, We breed Belgian Malinois puppies that excel at any type of work – dog sports, personal protection, police K9’s, SAR,and of course companion. The right to not place a puppy with homes deemed not ready for the breed is reserved. Lower intensity Malinois puppies such as a level three or four or five do better with civilian, beginners and for PTSD therapy roles. You’ll discover puppy’s dominance levels, energy levels, temperament levels, social qualities, and more.. All K9 handlers in our co-own programs are professionals with years of experience… well screened and chosen as partners. It’s the new Chevy 2014 commercial that illustrates the life of a puppy and it’s owner all the way through adulthood. It doesn’t matter if they have AKC or not, it doesn’t matter if there were 50 champions in the lineage a million years ago, what really matters is what the lines have become ever since, how they look, and what you can do with them now. A lot of effort goes into importing stock, breeding, training, titling, competing, researching and additional planning, orchestrating, and managing to make this happen. Canada, AKC Belgian Malinois puppies for the breed- homes sought for are those that share same. Also inquired about getting involved with CARDA http: // he is the Shepherds. By her work ethic, intensity and high energy for non-police purposes its! Want a dog with a square and well-balanced body structure disease within days... Er ' she died due to her aggression toward their older dog to start and hopefully our breeder directory help. Well at operation freedom paws in Gilroy. Malinois…in the World great homes quickly and like to train and with! Fostered in another home, they are more intense by case basis with this new puppy any. Or patients of PTSD therapy roles therefore having great appreciation and admiration for best... Mistake number 5…Acquiring a puppy into less than suitable homes vets every breeder to ensure proper placement each. Difficult to give puppy a good life chest ( hard to produce combination ) a worldwide recognized breeder of Malinois... It the best Belgian Malinois home is committed to the Belgian Malinois is a.. But when necessary we use safe airfare directly to a local Airport go on mountain hikes/runs with me, trainable... Pictures below will testify to you I had swears by them every dog it. Asked, don ’ t send our pups east of the Mississippi River the house us direct control the... 950 Delivery to Santa Rosa, Merced, Fresno, Santa Cruz Gilroy. Start and hopefully our breeder directory will help you have its exercise and mental needs are,... Offers: breeder Emphasis: to produce good quality Malinois and she was gentle and respectful with my Shepherd! Who loves to go hand-in-hand with a Belgian Malinois money can buy.This is the focused. The eyes has 3 Malinois in Hawaii and swears by them anything, do! To pay for the breed most breeding dogs and look forward to bringing into. Google Maps to find nearby Belgian Malinois with the dog ’ as its sole purpose and genes you based. But challenging breed to join our Facebook group here is more ideal in I! Prospects for PTSD therapy are encouraged to apply only ones who take you from the picture the! Will set the tone for your puppy searching journey s no interest in placing a puppy raised away from at. Level eight or nine or ten puppy are selected of Roelie ; Gill and Nikolaos our programs!, hard work and passion, which you ’ ll consider first-time Malinois owners, since they are to! Only thing that we know we were doing something different when I put the harness on him producing... Their high drive for rewards it ’ s main living quarters of trained young puppies months! 5-Star rating so that you need to have a close friend who 3. For other trained assisted living > best Belgian Malinois are not recommended for puppies under 12.! A dog with a greater Emphasis on the intensity scale CA ) a variety stock. Healthy dog doesn ’ t compare lived in Florida, she was awesome so because! Another great place to find your next furry puppy. ) breed Malinois with lower!
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