Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; Double majors. Enginears can't spell, if the English language was as logical and made as much sense as physics and math then maybe, but it doesn't. Anything more, learn hands on or in your spare time. ), so the Marines always need more riflemen. Get to a college/university that REALLY trains you how to problem solve - innovate - generate inversions - do ballpark. There is also the possibility of taking course that might be of a side interest to you like erosion control, sustainable farming, and natural resources. Aerospace engineering is one possibility for mechanical engineers interested in aircraft and spacecraft. For engine management systems, go ME + EE, and fill your choices with control theory classes. You'll either get research/theory, or you'll get trained for the. * Time to completion. You'll spend lots of time interacting directly with women, and if you get the right material, possibly fooling around with them. Wake me up when the numbers are 50% or higher. Just stick with ME. I decided that I did not want to pursue that path, so I was under employed for a few years. If you try to double major with mechanical engineering as one of the majors in the standard 4 years, you will either not gain a satisfactory understanding of the fundamentals and theory or you won't have any time to participate in the practical non-classroom experiences that make a mechanical engineering degree worthwile. Engineering and Commerce Double Degree; Engineering and Science. Mechanical engineers are often expected to present written and oral reports; certain positions require teamwork and leadership skills. If you follow thi. Are the graduate degrees actually needed? One discipline is no longer enough to get the really, really, good jobs. Retrieved from Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Double in ME or CS? from Carnegie Mellon University with double majors in mechanical engineering and French and his M.A. that's typically something that EE's see more of. Automatic control generally falls into Electrical Engineering, though it will also be a large part of more specialized degrees if they are offered by your school: chemical engineering (emphasis on plants and processing), petroleum engineering (again, emphasis on plants), process engineering (duh), and automotive engineering. The controllers in those things are really basic. You work with them, for them (boss), and for them (customers - whether asking how they would like that or figuring out what they would like. Double major coordinator:Dr. Suat Kadioglu (office B-318, tel : 0312 210 5294, e-mail: Important Note: Double major students who are registered to Mechanical Engineering Department as major program have to take the must courses from Mechanical Engineering Department. Depends a lot on how they overlap. At least 3 semester of accounting would also help: Acct: I & II and Managerial (teaches you how to read and write accounting statements for PHBs). They tried to encourage me to be a cryptographic linguist, but I turned it down. Find out more about these programs and... Get info about online master's degree programs in mechanical engineering. I suspect language in the not-too-distant future is going to be a lot like the show, I have to be careful what I say here, since I do research with automotive industry and am under NDAs. Take a foreign language such as Chinese, Hindi, Japanese or German to ensure you can communicate with your co-workers in 3 years. After being told that so many times I took a look at a degree in computer science. The reasons are pretty simple: it seems to me that you are kind of aiming at control systems for your improved automobiles; digital electronics provide those control systems. 1. A double major in communications may equip engineers with the skills needed for most work environments. Having qualified mathematics skills combined with parallel processing experience seems to be a big plus for employers. Personally, I'm not sure it's possible to double major like that. From the girls' point of view, as they say, "the odds are good but the goods are odd". For instance, if you’re double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, you’d have to fulfill these requirements separately. There are many options, which do you want? Find a professor who does interesting engineering research and get a position in his or her lab. First, let me say that all colleges and universities have slightly different curricula, so mileage may vary. Obtaining a major and a minor in engineering solidifies your reputation as a tried-and-true engineer. Note: Students who entered AE before Fall 2016 will be required to take MAE 377 as a requirement for the Aerospace degree. If you try to double major with mechanical engineering as one of the majors in the standard 4 years, you will either not gain a satisfactory understanding of the fundamentals and theory or you won't have any time to participate in the practical non-classroom experiences that make a mechanical engineering degree worthwile. I would recommend joining the Baja or formula SAE team at your university or college to get a better understanding of what goes into real world vehicle design, also project oriented teams look great on the resume. Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering. Cars have complex electrical and control systems and an Electrical Engineering degree may put you closer to your goal. If you are set on a double major, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, or Engineering Management are degrees to consider. Choose to work in research group that deal with these topics. And succeed he did, earning his B.S. I work at SpaceX on rocket stuff now. All for the sake of art, of course. Slashdot Asks: How are YOU Handling the Coronavirus? That would give you the flexibility to focus on different aspects of computing/controls systems (or one, if you find you really like a particular area) and is a perfect companion to ME. Find a school with a good mechatronics program if you want to go that route. College of Engineering students have the ability to earn two B.S. And by NOT double majoring, you may actually have time to socialize and further develop your networking and people skills. Online. You could figure out where all your materials come from and study something like geology and mineralogy. Mixology. For example, an Electrical Engineering major may double with Mechanical Engineering, even though both majors are within the School of STEM. Maybe engineers tend to believe Creationism because they've seen how many things can go wrong even when there is a modicum of intelligence behind the design. My experience in China is that you won't get far without it, even in the cities. Double degree APPM-CVEN: The Applied Mathematics and Civil Engineering departments offer a streamlined dual-degree track for talented students who are interested in analytical and computational methods related to civil engineering and general engineering science. They have the top ID program in the East Coast. An increasing number of college students are taking on a second major in the hopes of improving their success in the workforce. The core courses in both computer science and computer engineering were largely identical but the computer science degree had many requirements outside of the core that had nothing to do with computer science but were there to fulfill the requirements of the liberal arts college. Most companies are so short on people fluent in statistics they end up doing the training in-house. I can show you how! There's a problem in your discipline, at the very least it seems to teach an extraordinary amount of arrogance when dealing with disciplines its adherents seem ill-equipped to assess. Junior transfer student may apply for a double major program directly. The dual bachelor of science degree program in mechanical/biomedical engineering enables students with interests in biomechanics, biomaterials and mechanical engineering-related bioscience applications to focus on topics related to public health. This was during the 1980s Reagen "prosperity". If you plan to be on the more research side, I would recommend either mathematics or physics. Very unlikely the above poster has any actual military experience. Additional requirements might involve having successfully completed a specific number of credits in mechanical engineering. Its one reason our country is being left behind in industry and job growth, since only foreign governments actually pay for their students to study in our own damn country. I know someone working on an MA in English, and part of that is teaching a basic writing class for freshmen. You wont find many good Indian programmers very comfortable with written Hindi, Even spoken Hindi is more of a mixture of Hindi+Indian English. Engineers assign credibility to hypotheses based on actual evidence. Is a PhD in Mechanical Engineering Worth It? All rights reserved. Mechanical engineering is quite an undertaking on its own and if you double major, plan to spend at least 6 or 7 years in college to get a good understanding of both subjects. If you plan to actually build things, I would recommend sticking to just engineering disciplines and taking as many courses in it as possible rather than waste extra credits on a second major in the sciences. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to managers and people who hire folks and ask. If your goal is a broad understanding of engineering that allows you to mate different technologies, then you can't go wrong with ME+EE. Every Caucasian person I know gets ridiculous amounts of help from their family. Mechanical engineering includes the study of thermal and mechanical systems. If you want to take an emphasis in bio-energy sources then you may want to consider a degree in biomedical engineering, biological systems engineering, chemical engineering, or environmental engineering. Something to use the other side of your brain. When an engineer is hired early in his or her career, they are generally in more technical positions. What is harder to see is the unintended consequences that are usually negative and range from annoying to deadly. I know, that's theoretically every engineer's job, but the conditions here really are harsh, the redundancy is mandatary, and the margins are tight. Yeah - double plus. Computer engineers get more embedded systems, though they are basically a subset of EE. Comments owned by the poster. To be approved to double, must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and at least a 3.0 engineering GPA. I thought we 'd determined that already. Oh, and the mix of people in that major may present a more interesting mix than in any engineering* Psych - because that also goes well with everything. Tuition is out of control, and you get paid hardly anything for being a researcher at a US university (which is typically required as experience for the jobs you mention as well as to pay your tuition costs). 2. When I graduated 50% of my Chemical Engineering class was female at that time, all my good friends then were female and one could easily have been a fashion model if she wanted it. I currently have a B.S in Information Technology. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. )Work internships. are done trading you, your hard work and expensive education won't be worth a shit. The aerospace engineering program prepares students for careers in aerospace and related technologies. I'm also an automotive engineer working for Mercedes at the moment. If you go all software (Computer Science), you miss out on the understanding of how the electrics/electronics work and if you go all hardware (Electrical Engineering), you miss out on the higher. Same goes for anything else you're going to be doing before you hang up the CAD system for a golf cart. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton. engineering degrees by double majoring. We used to fix our dirt bikes each summer, so that is what led me to pair biomedical with mechanical engineering. Often, certain courses satisfy requirements for both majors (double-counting credits). A lot of EE majors cannot write sufficiently good code for any code base of a certain size and beyond. “They’re not just looking for your inventiveness, but whether you can see the bottom line,” says Dr. Robert Amundsen, an associate professor and chair of the energy management graduate program at the NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. EE isn't just about circuits. The five highest paying STEM majors, by mid-career average, were: 1. I have a mechanical/technical brain from my father. I chose a double major in math, particularly the BA, because I love mathematics and couldn’t get enough of it. If you're liking the idea of some code and some controls, you can get a good foundation in both with a Computer Engineering degree. Moving and processing grain leads to some interesting courses on control theory and biology. I also founded my school's first Society of Automotive Engineers chapter, and we're working on finishing the school's first Formula SAE Car. Getting involved in competitive engineering teams (FSAE) did much more for me in the automotive industry than minors. a College Advisor at the end of the process. I chose computer engineering over computer science since I did not feel the desire to take another foreign language course (the engineering college still had a humanities requirement and I took Spanish to fulfill that requirement, going to the liberal arts college would have meant I needed another semester of foreign language) or take a class on public speaking (all liberal arts majors had to take a public speaking course at my school). I got a BS in ME and then after I got a job I enrolled in an online Software Engineering program at FSU. Oh well, the Salem Hypothesis confirmed again. The computerized components of cars tend to be pretty low level. Just about everything these days involves automated control. Also there is the issue of array indices starting with 1 In both stone age languages despite there beeing an EWD discussing the benefits of starting at 0. What’s it really like ... One thing that I did not consider when I chose my major was where the jobs related to my majors are located. In order to apply for a double major, you should be an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering with a minimum GPA. Given the prevalance of hybrid and electric propulsion technologies these days, I would imagine that Electrical Engineering would be very helpful. as intenden major. For example you will have your engine and a software way to control it, but no way to connect the two or monitor the variables. -USMC infantry (aka grunt, if this person had any more useful aptitudes, the USMC would have placed him in a more specialized role). “They’re not just looking for your inventiveness, but whether you can see the bottom line,” says Dr. Robert Amundsen, an associate professor and chair of the energy management graduate program at the NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. Each major has its own set of core requirements that must be taken after completing the common curriculum, which is required of all engineering students.We invite you to browse your area of interest to learn more about each major and its required classes. Attackers Didn't Know What They Had, "I have just one word for you, my boy...plastics." But do pay attention, as often elements of certain styles of expression are a good example of precisely ho. Actually your job specialization in the military is largely your choice. Stick to ME, decide to double major later. Although I have an interest in software engineering I also have an interest in mechanical engineering as well. Double majors can be pursued (with one of the above five disciplines) in: ... “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Ben Franklin “There is very little success where there is little laughter.” I don't know... it's confusing, it's poorly written, and it doesn't make any sense no matter how many times you read it. If you really want more education, wait for grad school. You not only need the control theory, but more importantly, you need SE formal methods. An increasing number of college students are taking on a second major in the hopes of improving their success in the workforce. Next Spring, I graduate with an B.S. Read about program requirements, course topics and... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with University of Pennsylvania, Get Started with University of Notre Dame, Get Started with University of Louisville, Get Started with Michigan State University. Obviously, mechanical engineering is the most straightforward career path for a student who majors in mechanical engineering. programs in one department, such as Chemistry, either as a double major or a double degree, is a decision made by the department involved. * Sociology - it turns out that people are important in most jobs. One thing to consider is that ME and EE are easy to offshore. The 5-year Double Degree Programme (DDP), jointly offered by the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and the School of Social Sciences (SSS) , aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in engineering and economics – qualities that are highly valued in today's globalised environment.. Survival of the fittest. It's a really broad major, and the nice thing is that (in a good program) you will be exposed to all of the fields you mentioned above, and given opportunities to pursue them. It's easy to get tunnel-vision and focus on the immediate benefits of some particular product or technology. Major: Mechanical engineering (B.S. Ultimately I got some good advice and just pursued mathematics full time. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (B.S.I.E.) These activities outside your class will get you face to face with people who will serve as future career contacts. Mechanical engineers with business skills may be better equipped to design realistic solutions or start their own business. Get your hands dirty. I scored in the 98th percentile on the ASVAB, qualifying me to do any job I wanted, but I chose infantry. Choosing a double major in mechanical engineering involves some homework. Graduates may be better prepared to design biomedical devices. There may be more comments in this discussion. Gaining a PhD in Mechanical Engineering helps to expand upon the potential career choices of individuals and gives them the... Few schools in the Phoenix area have top ranking mechanical engineering programs. It opens up many new doors like controls and robotics and means you'll be doing some quite interesting stuff. When an engineer is hired early in his or her career, they are generally in more technical positions. Choosing a double major should be informed by your particular career goals. I don't think engineers "tend to believe Creationism". A math minor could be useful if you're going to use it. No, no no no. Also CS is a bit of a waste without EE. That easily would have fit into the electives requirements. I was going to suggest Mandarin. I would take a healthy dose of engineering economics. ), i mean is it even worth it? The mechanical and materials dual major comprises #60 of compulsory courses with #4 of electives available. I briefly was dual majoring in CS and German, but then I already skipped all the prereqs before the upper-division German courses, so all I would have had to do is take one German course every semester in addition to the normal CS program, and I would have had a double major. A CS degree won't do anything for your marketability. ), / Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering. For example, there are mechanical engineers that specialize in thermodynamics, and some that specialize in material science. “She introduced me to several top engineering-focused colleges and universities and gave me confidence that I could succeed,” he said. Looks like an engineer's handiwork to me. I received a wage of 1000 a month with NO. Finance isn't just abou. If they want to work their way up, a business background can be crucial. Getting the math minor is easy, but probably won't do alot for you in the long run (most mech e's have one by default). Since many of us don't have fucking blogs about this type of thing, all you would find is a bunch of people talking about it who aren't engineers nor scientists. They also require at lest one of those to be a masters or doctorate. If you would like to work on automobiles I recommend sticking with ME, and just doing that for now. Modern cars contain a huge number of microprocessors, and understanding this side of things as well as you understand the mechanical parts of the engine will give you a huge advantage. If you say infantry, I don't think any ASVAB score will dissuade the recruiter from hooking you up. Even in India, most of the official communication is in English. That's what a ME student once told me. Even mechanical engineers have to specialize in something, and if you don't worry about a second major it leaves more time to work on a second specialization. The 50 highest paying college majors are: 1. As a mechanical engineering student, you take classes like engineering materials, computer-aided design, energy conversion systems, and robotics. You'll learn how to be professional, and getting a real job will be a lot easier.Do extracurricular activities. In the liberal arts college they require all students to take X credits or foreign language, Y credits in natural science, and Z credits in social science. If you plan to be on the plant management side of things, statistics and/or operations research is a major plus. There are more failures than successes and some say more to learn from failures than successes (which are necessarily preceded by many failures). When choosing a school we recommend considering some of the following factors: Your VP is completely out of touch for not realizing this. Want expert, personalized advice that can save you a lot of time and money? (B.S.E.E.) Yet, that didn't stop them from pursuing double majors in the same fields. It'll be worth it, guaranteed. The other thing to consider is a Computer Engineering or EE Masters degree that focuses on control systems. A few I've met are master sophist who are good at speaking elegantly without saying much. Plus you could also learn that other stone age language called Fortran. (This advice is coming from a practicing Mechanical Engineer who got his BSME in 4 years (at Virginia Tech)) I focused on robotics (CHARLI and RAPHaEL were my pet projects) but had alot of friends who loved cars). According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), double majors in business, communications, geology and biology are also great choices because they can prepare you for success in the work environment and teach you the applications of mechanical engineering for some very lucrative industries. More important to focus on the basics before double majoring and minoring in a ton of stuff. Mechatronics is an engineering discipline which deals with studies the integration of mechanical, electronic and computer technologies in a wide range of machines and systems. If you are interested in fuel cells (or solar) go after the curricula that allows you to learn and experience that topic. Nobody's going to accept a proposal that reads like a 5th grade book report. It was actually fun since I would watch lecture and do the homework instead of zoning out in front of the TV. At my university the computer science department lives under the liberal arts college. Computer science is about algorithms, sorting, databases, mathematics, and not so much about software development and programming. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Double Major BS - Applying to the Program - 2019-20 University at Buffalo Undergraduate Degree and Course Catalog That will probably not be used in controlling a feedback system with a microcontroller, or in controlling a large scale plant. would be helpful for understanding how the microprocessors work in terms of software, but EE would help you understand the flow of current in these new electrical propulsion systems that you mentioned. Math minor is OK, but I think you should focus more; either EE and ME or ME and Math. I eventually dropped the German major, because I failed my English 101 course, and so I couldn't take any more upper-division German courses, because I had to have a good found. For instance, two majors in chemical engineering and art history will result in a double major at these schools, while two majors in business and economics will be a dual major. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for mechanical engineers was $87,370 as of 2018, and a job growth of 4% was projected for this occupation from 2018-2028. It would work for Aeronautical and Medical Device Engineering as well. If you are seriously considering a double … College of Engineering students have the ability to earn two B.S. (assuming Social Security even exists then), Some of this is American kids weighing costs vs benefits, but it is a fact that other cultures will make a g. Its not that they people in the US are unwilling to put in the work, its that they simply can't afford to do it. Tough you may have to take some pre-med courses. Must complete requirements for both majors. Once you graduate you could go on to be anything, including a mechanical engineer, structural engineer, design engineer, safety engineer, or technical consultant, among others. Software engineering is becoming a bachelor degree track in many schools now, that is something to consider as well besides computer science and probably something more fitting to your desire to do embedded controls. I tend to hire undergrads that shows that they are flexible in thinking rather than focus on "what's the curriculum that is provided". "you will never ever meet any girls you want to sleep with in engineering school. Why join the Army or the Marine Corps to do a job you can do in the civilian world for more money and less hassle? To declare a double major, you must petition to change to a double major program at the beginning of your fourth semester (at the earliest). Coincidentally, when I graduated high school, I wanted to double major in mechanical engineering and industrial design at Philadelphia University. Or ChemBME and Neuroscience, which i am also very interested in. Make sure you have the time and determination to complete a double major, especially when it comes to engineering. Go into drama. your degree could be useful in once complete. You will pick up a little CS and EE in Mechanical engineering if your school is doing it right. Median Base Salary: $68,438 Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Electrical Engineer, Systems Engineer, Software Developer 3. As one CE I knew once put it "There are always jobs in roads and commodes". Mechanical engineers with computer science expertise may be suited for work related to robotics, computer software/hardware, and artificial intelligence. Students who double major must complete a minimum of 160 credits and fulfill the requirements for each of the degree programs. Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering . And English since you misspelled Business. (Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering. This should be in addition to any second major you would choose. EE's do a fair amount of programming as well. Computer Science. If you want to combine technology with engineering then pursue a degree in IT. If you have to find a job, the EE degree will give you a broader choice of positions. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and you come across as just another anti-intellectual nut-job. Obtaining a bachelor's in mechanical engineering with a second declared major will require additional coursework. Some of that is genetic. 22 Jan 2021 accessed. If you want to learn controls, it seems Electrical Engineering would be a better fit than Computer Science. (3 years out of school, about half of that time in automotive.). Materials Science is a weird one. in Mechanical Engineering. This dual major BS will just distract you and possibly cause you to have a lower GPA with your BSME - your GPA plus internships is going to get you into your first job. Depending on how you feel about things like taking a foreign language (something I recommend), studying in the social sciences (which you'll have to take in any four year program it's just a matter of quantity), and other topics in the realm outside of engineering a major in liberal arts might be something that you enjoy.
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