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The mission of the educational system is to develop innovative educational alternatives, highly technological, safe and attractive in four levels: elementary (first and second level), secondary and postsecondary education, to provide equitable opportunities of excellent education to boys, girls, and young residents of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


San Juan College

San Juan College offers transformative educational opportunities at the university and post-secondary levels. Our academic, career development and occupational programs train professionals who are able to interact with their environment. We are agents of change at the service of the socio-economic, technological and cultural development of Puerto Rico. Our institution aims to contribute to society with the purpose of providing our population the opportunity to obtain post-secondary studies of excellence. We are a Higher Education Institution that offers Bachelor´s Degrees, Associate Degrees, Certificates and Short Careers that conform to labor markets. We invite you to find the offer that best fits your professional expectations.

Telephone: (787) 480 2424 – Fax: (787) 274 1388

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The School of San Juan

  • The School of San Juan mission is to develop innovative, attractive, integrated and secure alternatives from the pre-school level to intermediate level, to provide opportunities for education of excellence to children and young people of San Juan. The Specialized School of Language has trained personnel and an innovative curriculum, relevant to the aspirations and interests of its students in a manner which facilitates the scope of their academic goals.

Phone: (787)480-5300 fax. (787)748-5971

Specialized School of Sciences and Mathematics

  • The Specialized School of Sciences and Mathematics has the mission to promote youngsters´ integral education in sciences and mathematics, technology and research, considering the progress and future scenarios, in a pioneering center specialized in boosting talents development.

Phone: (787)480-3986 Fax: (787)767-7681

Sports School

  • The Specialized School of Sports has the mission to promote the integral education of young people with special talents in sports, in a specialized pioneering center, a challenging and complete academic sequential, and a highly competent faculty. The proposals by the Sports School seek to enhance the development of great talent in these fields. This is an educational center that applies scientific processes of educational planning and high performance sports training in the disciplines of athletics, judo, swimming, Tae-Kwon -Do, tennis, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Office of Youth Development

  • This guidance and coordination program is intended to provide direct services to young residents of San Juan, addressing their problems and needs and allowing them the maximum development of their skills, abilities, interests and capabilities. It is in charge of affairs and activities related to the provision of counselling and referral services, school coordination, economic incentives to students and university scholarships for young people of scarce resources.

Phone: (787) 480-5680

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