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The Office of Citizen Responsibility and Services is the liaison between the citizens and the Office of Mayor, to provide solutions to their problems as well as those of the community. It has the responsibility to guide and respond with sensitivity, promptness, and diligence to citizens who come to City Hall, to arouse in them a greater sense of commitment and civic responsibility. We refer and coordinate with the administrative entities of the Municipality of San Juan claims of our constituents and we serve as liaison for persons or individuals granted donations of municipal or legislative funds.

San Juan At Your Service Program

This program is in charge or receiving and referring complaints and/or service requests to various municipal offices for their resolution. Some of these service applications are for: debris and household garbage collection, repaving, sidewalks reconstruction, sewer cleaning and replacement of grills, lighting, public hindrances, retaining walls, cleaning up creeks, emptying septic tanks, weeding, abandoned houses, streets sweeping and cleaning, barren fields, pavement marking, security fences, abandoned vehicles, dead animal collection and stray dogs kenneling, landslides, and fumigation, among others.

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