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San Juan TV is a tool that will keep you up-to-date of all developments in San Juan Autonomous Municipality´s.

You will learn about local figures, events and places that make this Capital City a place to enjoy and feel comfortable.

You will also find success stories of San Juan Autonomous Municipality´s employees, who strive to be public service models.

Enjoy these stories of our Ciudad • Patria through San Juan TV.

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Recreación y Deportes

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Arte, cultura e innovación

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The Health Department oversees and protects the health of the residents of San Juan, through a system of provision of accessible preventive and curative health services. They are provided in a sensitive, effective and efficient way, according to high standards of quality. This system helps the residents achieve and enjoy the best physical, mental and emotional state.

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The Police and Public Security Department protects the 180 communities of San Juan through a network of stations strategically distributed throughout the City. Our main mission is to safeguard the security and provide for the protection of all residents our Ciudad-Patria.

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Emergency Management
The Emergency Management Office protects the lives and property of residents, visitors, communities and institutions in San Juan, against the impact and the consequences of any natural or technological risk.

The Municipal Emergency and Disaster Management Office (OMMEAD, Spanish acronym) protects the lives and property of residents, visitors, communities and institutions in San Juan, Ciudad • Patria, against the impact and the consequences of any natural or technological risk. In addition to the management of occurrences before, during and after emergencies, it offers throughout the year a series of services, courses and trainings to prepare the citizens. In this page you will find the different guidance options available for your benefit. For more information, find us under Contact Us.

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The mission of the educational system is to develop innovative educational alternatives, highly technological, safe and attractive in four levels: elementary (first and second level), secondary and postsecondary education, to provide equitable opportunities of excellent education to boys, girls, and young residents of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Our "Ciudad-Patria" is more than you have ever imagine. The Capital of Puerto Rico offers a combination of traditions, unmatched anywhere in the world. Come and experience why our city is a historic link with the future.

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San Juanby neighborhoods

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  • Caimito
  • Cupey
  • El Cinco
  • Hato Rey Central
  • Hato Rey Norte
  • Hato Rey Sur
  • Monacillo
  • Monacillo Urbano
  • Oriente
  • Pueblo
  • Puerto Nuevo
  • Quebrada Arenas
  • Río Piedras
  • Sabana Llana Norte
  • Sabana Llana Sur
  • Santurce
  • Tortugo
  • Viejo San Juan
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